Monday, July 23, 2012

SharePoint 2013 training for IT pro

IT Professional training for SharePoint 2013 how to training and walkthrough videos about Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 including changes and new features for search, social, ECM, WCM, and REST are now available on technet.

SharePoint 2013 Installation

I am getting many emails from my old colleagues friends about SP 2013 and the issues which they were facing in installation of SP2013, Given below are the steps shared by a fellow Colleague David Piscopo

I thought that its worth sharing on my blow

Installation Steps SharePoint 2013

1. Install Windows Server 2008 R2
2. Install Service Pack 1 for Windows Server R2 (the pre-requisite checker does not fulfil this and it has to be installed separately). This can take up to an hour to install)
3. Run the default.hta from the install media
4. Select ‘Install software Prerequisites’ and let it do its thing. This may take a while and there may be several reboots
5. Run ‘Install SharePoint Foundation’ when the pre-requisites are done
6. At the end of the install you will be asked to install the ‘Configuration Wizard’. DO NOT DO THIS as your install will fail.
7. Open the local services and locate the ‘AppFabricCachingService’ service. Change the logon identity of this service so that it is using a local admin account rather than the Network Service
8. Start the AppFabricCachingService service if not already started.
9. Start a command prompt as Administrator and change directory to ‘C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\BIN’ (or add the path to your environment – recommended)
10. Execute PSCONFIG to create the config database

PSCONFIG.EXE -cmd Configdb create SkipRegisterAsDistributedCacheHost

This will take a while to complete
SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard version 15.0.4128.1014. Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 2010. All rights reserved.

Performing configuration task 1 of 3
Initializing SharePoint Products configuration...

Successfully initialized the SharePoint Products configuration.

Performing configuration task 2 of 3
Creating the configuration database...

Successfully created the configuration database.

Performing configuration task 3 of 3
Finalizing the SharePoint Products configuration...

Successfully completed the SharePoint Products configuration.

Total number of configuration settings run: 3
Total number of successful configuration settings: 3
Total number of unsuccessful configuration settings: 0
Successfully stopped the configuration of SharePoint Products.
Configuration of the SharePoint Products has succeeded.

11. Re-run the ‘SharePoint 2013 Products Configuration Wizard’. You may get an error at the end of process regarding Sample Data. Disregard this

You should now be good to go.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

What's New in SharePoint 2013 Preview - Part 1

What's New in SharePoint 2013 Preview - Part 1

Given Below is a summary from my notes----A Ten Thousand Feet view of SP 2013 Preview...

Whats new in SharePoint 2013

Supported Browsers
IE 8
IE 9
Mozilla, Chrome and Safari supported with limitations

New Things in SharePoint 15

WebApps is nolonger a Service application
WebAnalystis in no longer a service app , its merged into Search

Support the tools and workflows designers use
Variations & Content Translation
Search Engine Optimization
Cross Site Publishing
Video & Embedding
Image renditions
Clean Urls
Metadata navigation

Huge Investments by Microsoft in Social Area
Acvity Feeds

Unified Search NOW
Pesonalized Search Results

Stay social with the people who are important to yu
Improved Connections B/w People and Conversatioins in Context
Social Data ---on Hand HELDS
Yammer Integration.....NOT IN THIS RELEASE ....will be available in release
Look and Feel

New Global Navigation Bar with

Open Document/Video/Office in Same view your feed

you can follow a when any body will make a post you will get notified.....

Different Views of News Feed


Create New Tag

Sites which you are following will appear in prview

Lync Hover Card which shows your Lync card information

SharePoint 2013 Hardware/Software Requirements

These are the minimum hardware and software requirements for SharePoint 2013 as per available preview.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Processor: 64-bit, 4 cores
8 GB for production use
4 GB for developer or evaluation use
Hard disk:
80 GB free for system drive
Maintain 2x free space as available RAM

Software REquirements
64-bit edition of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1

64-bit edition of Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Standard, Enterprise, Data Center, or Web Server

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fab 40 Update - SharePoint 2010 Templates

Updated version of SharePoint 2010 Fab 40 templates are available at

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Free Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online templates for government

To provide better access to SharePoint community working on Government Projects, Microsoft has provided a link for GOVERNMENT Templates created by me on website.

You can access it here

These templates are available for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online.

If you find any issue in installations of these templates feel free to write me at

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Web Analytics with Title

Alot of people are on different forums have put up a requirement to get Titles displayed in Webanalytics instead of URLs, i don't know why webanalytics doesn't allow this in first place :)

But any way, i have a code snippet from Farhan Faiz on subject but have noticed that it has some limitations....

I have tried to get another version of WebAnalytics which which is working for me in sites/sub sites

Try and share your feedback....

Steps to Setup this in your DEV environment

1) Create an empty project in VS 2010
2) Add a new WebPart
3) Build and Deploy this blank webpart
4) Add it to your sharepoint site

5) Add Reference to

in your project

6) Rename Webpart class to TitleAnalystics and Replace code in webpart.cs file with the one listed below

7) Build and Deploy this updated Webpart

using System;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Web;
using System.Web.UI;
using System.Web.UI.WebControls;
using System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts;
using Microsoft.SharePoint;
using Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;

namespace TitleAnalystics.TitleAnalystics
public class TitleAnalystics : Microsoft.Office.Server.WebAnalytics.Reporting.WhatsPopularWebPart, ICallbackEventHandler

// Make sure that double quotes and single quotes are copied correctly, when you copy html and past it to Visual Studio sometimes it changes the character.

private const string ItemRegEx = @"(?[^<]*)";

private static string ReplaceUrlsWithTitles(string html)

if (Regex.IsMatch(html, ItemRegEx))

html = Regex.Replace(html, ItemRegEx, delegate(Match match)

var url = match.Groups["url"].Value;

string title = url;

using (SPSite spSite = new SPSite(SPContext.Current.Site.Url))

using (SPWeb spWeb = spSite.OpenWeb(title))


var item = spWeb.GetListItem(title);

if (item != null)

title = item.DisplayName;


//var item2 = SPContext.Current.Site.RootWeb.GetListFromUrl(url);
var item2 = spWeb.GetListFromUrl(url);
title = item2.Title;


catch (Exception e) { }



return "" + title + "";

}, RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);


return html;


string ICallbackEventHandler.GetCallbackResult()

return ReplaceUrlsWithTitles(base.GetCallbackResult());


void ICallbackEventHandler.RaiseCallbackEvent(string eventArgument)



Announcements with Image - SharePoint 2010

Given below are the steps to configure Announcement web part with image

Steps to Display Image in an Announcements List.

• Create an Announcement List
o Create->List->Announcements
o Name the List

• Go to List Settings and check if you have Page Image Column available in list settings

• If you can't find a Page Image Column, click Add existing Site Column

• Select Page Image Column from the List.

• Select the option of , Add this column to your default view

• Now come your home page(Page where you want to add announcement web part with image)

• Add a content Query web part and go to settings of CQWP.

• in Query Section select your previously created announcement list as source. (show items from this list type)

• Scroll down to Fields to Display section under Presentation in settings of CQWP

• In Title Add the name of Column (list column) in this format List Column [Group of List Column] e.g: Title[Custom Columns]

• In Image section add name of image column in this format List Column [Group of List Column] e.g:- Page Image[Page Layout Image]

• you can apply different styles available in Styles column by making combination of Group Style and Item Style: e.g: Group Style Default and Item Style Fixed Image Size

• click apply and ok and you will start seeing the data in your CQWP

Customizing column width/image size etc

Open the site in SharePoint Designer
Open All Files->Style Library->ItemStyle.xsl

This xsl has styles which are applied on CQWP, so you may want to override some of them to make any changes.