Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Atlas (AJAX)

Yet another thing to learn
Atlas :-


Anonymous said...

The AJAX technology was already there for quite some time and is there are different applications already using this like google earth,gmail, what is new in this 'ATLAS' thing that Microsoft come up with.

Khalil ur Rehman said...

Yes, AJAX was already avialbel for developers to make there applications benefit from rich set of technologies available to create client-server communication and rich UI by using Asynchronous JavaScript and XML so AJAX is an approach to creating responsive and interactive Web pages that leverages the capabilities built into browsers.

'Atlas' enables you to create AJAX-style applications, and goes substantially beyond this to offer a complete framework for creating applications that can target the appropriate platform (client and server) for application tasks, providing the same level of programmability on both platforms. So Atlas make it very easy for Application Designers and developer to incorparate these features and make rich UI based applications by using this framework.