Saturday, July 03, 2010

Fab40 for Sharepoint 2010

Fab 40 templates were free templates released by Microsoft for sharepoint 2007 and wss 3.0 to address some of the common scenarios encountered by SharePoint administrators, developers and event business/Marketing managers to demonstrate and show case some of the capabilities of MOSS to end users.

Discussion about that how good these templates are and in which scenario these are more helpful versus things which needs to be improved in these templates is a separate topic but I have noticed many SharePoint people using these templates either for small clients , for demonstration purpose and even for training purposes etc. ..

I have uploaded some of these Fab 40 templates for sharepoint 2010, so now you can have Fab 40 for sharepoint 2010, at least some of these are available for now…rest coming soon


Khalil ur Rehman said...

Following new templates are available now.


check Blogs section on TechSol Site



Khalil ur Rehman said...

Following new templates are added to list above...


The Content Machine said...

Have you seen instances where people may have upgrade just the Fab 40 sites and not the templates? If so, can you share some thoughts and resources?


Netta Pressman said...

Where c I find the Contacts Management template ? I went to the site but it is not on the list.

7ogait said...

Template to HelpDesk?
foundation 2010...

chad said...

template bug database? Sharepoint 2010.

Mohamed Yassin said...

thank you so much for your effort
great work
and we hope to conyinue untill finish the rest 40 file of this MICROSOFT

Anonymous said...

anybody Know how to deploy templates in share point 2010 if any one interest to do this project contact with me

Anonymous said...

anybody Know how to deploy templates in share point 2010 if any one interest to do this project contact with me

cmharvey said...
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cmharvey said...

I dont see the Job Requisition Template anywhere. Can you provide a link?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your great work.. keep it up.

Runcorn2Adelaide said...

Is the Sales-Lead-Pipeline Template available for 2010 ?

Leandro Moreira said...

I dont see the HelpDesk when create a new site, after following this steps:
1. Create a new Web Application on SPFoundation 2010
2. Create a new Site Collection against that new Web Application (Select template "Team Site" while creating this Site Collection)
3. Goto 'Site Settings' of that new Web Application
4. Goto 'Solutions'
5. Upload the SPFoundation 2010 Application Template ".wsp" file, and "Activate" that when upload completes
6. Create a new "Site" in the newly created "Site Collection" (in step 2), and select the newly uploaded solution in "Template" section

But in the last step, (the solution in "Template"), don´t appear nothing.

Anyone had this problem ?

Vegasvic 21 said...

I am using the Fab 40 It Help Desk how do i populate the customer list deop down on the new service request form


Unknown said...


I'm unable to access the URL. Are these available for download elsewhere? I have a somewhat pressing need. Thanks for the help!

Tony Romo said...

Great post.

Sara Smith said...

It’s tough to find well-informed individuals on this topic, yet, you could be seen as do you know what you are talking about! Thanks

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