Sunday, November 18, 2012

Set Default Value in People Picker Field

This post explains that how to set default value in people picker field in infopath 2010, i have picked current user in my example but it can be another field value on form, any function etc...
People picker field has
Display Name
Account Type

in it....
you can set default values for each of these fields....
1) Add a people picker on infopath form
2) Take properties of any of above (sub fields) [I have picked Account ID in my example]
You can take properties by selecting AccountID in left hand field pan and right click, properties.
3) Set the default value for this as show in image below....
[i set it to current user, you can pick any other field value or function etc]

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Kila said...

This works great! But how to you get it to also automatically resolve the default DisplayName? I have another field "looking" at the AccountID field, but it is not populated until the Person Picker finds the person in the global account. Thanks!